Ambius Trial leads to Rentokil Initial adopting Google Apps in a landmark deal


  • Largest deployment of Google Apps™ Premier Edition to replace multiple email systems with a standard global email solution
  • Additional capabilities and features such as powerful calendar, integrated chat, automatic email translation service, and greater use of video communications
  • Global roll out to up to 35,000 colleagues by end of 2010
  • Significant reduction in IT spend

Rentokil Initial plc, the global support services company, announced earlier this week a landmark agreement with Google to deploy Google Apps™ Premier Edition across its international workforce in over 50 countries. The new platform will provide a single web-based communication and collaboration suite to replace the Group’s existing 180 email domains and 40 mail systems across its six operating divisions. The move is part of the company’s five year turnaround plan to enhance capability and introduce operational excellence.

The decision to implement Google Apps globally across Rentokil Initial was taken after a successful 100-day pilot at Rentokil Initial’s Ambius division involving 800 users in global locations, which demonstrated the system’s suitability for the Group as a whole. The success of the trial led to the application being adopted by the entire Rentokil Initial Group

As well as providing email access to the 20,000 regular PC users across Rentokil Initial, the company plans to extend access to a further 15,000 ‘on the road’ service colleagues, who do not currently have a company email address. The agreement will provide all colleagues with access to their company email account from any internet connected device. The mobile workforce is likely to use their PDA devices, home computers or shared PC within the local branch.

The deployment of Google Apps will also see a number of other benefits for Rentokil Initial employees including:

  • Google integrated chat and video features to support training & improve productivity
  • Powerful personal and shared calendars
  • Consolidation and standardisation of a single mail system and address book
  • Improved collaboration within and between divisions and functions
  • Automatic email translation and real-time translation in Google Talk

Bob Ruzga, Divisional Vice President IT Ambius explains, “We were excited to be leading the way for the rest of the group by implementing the pilot earlier this year. Working with Ambius colleagues across the globe we successfully deployed Google Apps to 800 users across our businesses in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.”

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